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Congratulation on Minfa Won “the Third Session Quanzhou Municipal Government Quality Award”
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On 31th March 2016, To Build National Quality Demonstration City Mobilization Meeting & 2016 Work Conference of Quality Supervision Meeting was solemnly held by People's Government of Quanzhou Municipality in Government Conference Center. The purpose is to summarize the last year’s municipal work of quality supervision, arrange deployments to build the national quality demonstration city and next year’s municipal work of quality supervision. Mayor Tao Kang and vice mayor Canhui Chen attended the meeting and made important speeches. At the meeting, mayor Kang awarded medals of “the Third Session Quanzhou Municipal Government Quality Award” to five enterprises such as Minfa, etc. This is the another great prize Minfa had won on quality after “the First Nanan Municipal Government Mayor Quality Award”.

Thanks to the great attention paid by wise leadership of the enterprise, Minfa Aluminum Inc. had made such an achievement. Especially the Performance Excellence Management Model Minfa was implementing. Tianhuo Huang, chairman, was served as the consultant; Changyuan Huang, general manager, was served as implementation group leader; Sunming Fu, vice general administration manager and other senior executives organized the implementation specially. In addition to recently years’ remarkable progresses and good performances, collaborative efforts from different divisions of the company were essential parts, too. Seeing innovation as an opportunity, Minfa applied excellent performance measurement system to assess and sum up the advantages and disadvantages. By evaluating from Leadership, Strategy, Customer & Marketing, Resource, Process Management, Measurement / Analysis & Improvement, Outcome aspects, Minfa focused on cultivating its managers and employees’ consciousness of striving for excellence and systematic thinking. While promoting the concept and method of Performance Excellence Management Model to put Fine Management into effect. All efforts were to improve the overall performances and capabilities of organization and make the management get continuous improvements for achieving long-term success. In expectation of Performance Excellence Management Model would take root in Minfa.

The Performance Excellence Management Model is not only an effective way to achieve continuous improvements, maintain and enhance the competitive advantages just by successful world-class enterprises. Now it has become Minfa’s one strong guarantee of speeding the pace up for transformation and promotion and realization of aluminum profiles industrial benchmarking enterprise (Now it has become a powerful guarantee for Minfa to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading and build the benchmark enterprises in the aluminum industry). Looking into the future, Minfa will take further actions to strengthen the awareness of products quality, set up the full and comprehensive concept of products quality, always adhere to adopt the quality consciousness throughout the development, so as to make the "Three Transformations" come true and lay a solid foundation for strategic objectives.

General manager Mr.Huang said, “Minfa will cherish every honor, make persistent efforts and declare the Fujian Provincial Government Quality Award actively. Besides, striving for the excellence and improving the quality of our products continually has always been Minfa committed to. Minfa will make contributions to the development of enterprise as well as the construction of National Quality Demonstration City in Quanzhou.

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