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Coding identify counterfeit
   For the interests of users, the Aluminum Company Limited Fujian introduced from abroad advanced security inkjet printer to prevent counterfeiting. Every building in the electrophoretic profiles on 60cm,
sprayed 闽发铝材,中国驰名商标Anti-counterfeit labels, the user can clearly see. Please note that the majority of users recognize my company's anti-counterfeit labels, beware of imitations.
   "Quality of survival, reputation and promote development", like a blue sky, clear water Shiba spotless, the image of the company with a good and faithful commitment to creating a market for clean and work!

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Fujian Minfa Aluminum INC. Was founded in May 1993

Hercynian plate aluminum enterprises

Fujian Province is the only "Fujian aluminum Spark Technology Innovation Center" enterprises

Is the editor in chief of the national standard aluminum one of the units

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