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( 1 ) , IPO
April 11, 2011 , by the China Securities Regulatory Commission license [ 2011 ] No. 521 approved the text , the Company issued 4,300 million RMB ordinary shares .
The issue under the net to inquiry objects placed with online subscription pricing issue combination , placing 858 million shares under the net , online pricing issue 3,442 million shares , issue price of 15.18 yuan / share. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange "on the Aluminum Corporation of Fujian Province, Fujian Province issued RMB ordinary shares listed on the notice" ( SZS [ 2011 ] No. 131 ) agreed that the Company issued RMB ordinary shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange .

Company's initial public offering and listing of the company's total shares are held by 12,880 shares to 17,180 shares, of which : number of tradable shares is 3,442 million shares, from 28 April 2011 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME board listed and traded to the inquiry objects placing 858 million shares of restricted period of three months , which was July 28, 2011 traded , the rest is issued prior to the initial public offering of shares .
( 2 ) , Statement of changes in equity
Unit: Share

Before the changeChanges in this year(+,-)After the change
QuantityProportionIssue of new sharesBonusConversion FundOtherSubtotalQuantityProportion
I. Restricted shares128,800,000100.00%8,580,000

1、State-owned shares

2、State-owned legal person shares

3、Other domestic shares128,800,000100.00%8,580,000

Of which: Domestic non-state-owned legal person shares12,000,0009.32%7,150,000

Domestic natural person shares116,800,00090.68%1,430,000

4、Foreign Ownership

Of which: Foreign legal person shares

Foreign natural person shares

5、Executives Share

二、Tradable shares


1、RMB ordinary shares


2、Domestically listed foreign shares

3、Overseas listed foreign shares


三、Total number of shares128,800,000100.00%43,000,000


About Minfa

Fujian Minfa Aluminum INC. Was founded in May 1993

Hercynian plate aluminum enterprises

Fujian Province is the only "Fujian aluminum Spark Technology Innovation Center" enterprises

Is the editor in chief of the national standard aluminum one of the units

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